Converting To Outline

(same as Corel convert to curves)
Select the text, Type > Create Outlines

Allowing A Gradient Fill To Be Used Across A Group Of Text Letters Converted To Outline

To stop the gradient fill being applied to each letter indivitually, select them all > Menu > Object > Compound Path > make

Changing how text appears when pixelated

Open the Character panel (Window > Type > Character)

Ensure 'Show Options' is selected in it.

Then set text as sharp, crisp etc to change how it gets pixelated

Bulging etc Text

Menu > Object > Envelope Distort

To follow and line drawn use 'Make with top object' with the text plus the line object selected, ensuring the lien object is in front of the text in layering.

To then convert to an outline use Menu > Object > Expand


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