Making objects snap to the invisible pixel grid

View > Snap to pixel (when in pixel preview mode)

1 Pixel Wide Lines Being Anti-Aliased

When you dray a line it centres causing a 1pc wide line to be in half 1 side an dhalf the other, causing it to be aliased. So solve thi turn off the snap to pixel mode and move it across half a pixel.

Making Text Look Better When Anti-Aliasing (and lines)

This effect overrides the default anti-aliasing (you can even use it on lines if you want)
Art Optimised can really help for some text
Small text can look better without being aliased.
Select it > Effect > Rasterize > Anti-Aliasing > None

Illustrator Bug

You can have a drawing workign perfectly with say a 2px line perfectly placed so that is dispalys corectly and then suddenly illustrator will start anti-aliasing it when it shoudl still be perfect. Its a known issue (

Change the stroke weight to 0.999 instead of 1px often works.
Select the line, rectangle etc > menu > effect > rasterise > 72dpi > art optimised will often solve it.


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